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*  What a diverse and unique sound. TTMP has it going on. Keep it up guys!!    Charley P.


DAVE MOBLEY: Guitar, Keyboard, Synth, Vocals

J.J. TYSON: Percussions, Guitar, Vocals

Session Players/Vocalists:


James May, Adam Wakely, Jon Pugh, Neil Ebanks

Backing Vocalists:

Lori Lanier    Heather Grey

Mixed by Dave Mobley, Phil McHugh and J.J. Tyson

Engineers: Phil McHugh and Neil Ebanks

Mastered at PMCH Mastering, London, U.K.

Front Cover Photos by Tracy Lee Cochenour

Album Artwork by The Design Studio

Publicity by Yvonne's World/Yvonne Laughlin

Photos by Judy Nitzinger Photography

All Songs Written and Produced by

Dave Mobley and J.J. Tyson

*Except Where Denoted

 The Other Side Of My Window             

 Evil Mind Crimes             


 Child Of Tomorrow             

 Black Fly             

*  Hi Dave and JJ. I really love your music. I already have my 3 favorites. More soon!!    Susan S.

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*  You've found a very unique yet familiar sound that takes me back to my fav 60's, 70's & 80's music.      Cool Guy  (L.A.) 



 Better Off Alone        

 Daddy Told Me             

 Eyes Of Love             


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 *Superhero Rockstar             

 *Just For You            

 Third Time Lover             

*What About Tomorrow             

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*  My FAV song is 'Child of Tomorrow'. So sad but so true. Listen to it over and over.    Curt B. (S. Africa)


 In My Eyes          

 Heaven's Gonna Wait For Me          

 One Last Time          

 You Are So Real          

 *Cabin Fever          

 *Walk Away            

 If You Loved Me         

 *This Silent Conversation          

Paradox    *Fortress Around Your Heart    Black Fly    Eyes Of Love

The Other Side Of My Window    *Things I'd Like To Say    

*Under The Milky Way    Evil Mind Crimes    Daddy Told Me

*As The Raven Flies    *Walk Away    Child Of Tomorrow

Better Off Alone


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